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Freeze Dried Beef Liver All Natural Healthy Dog Chews

Freeze Dried Beef Liver All Natural Healthy Dog Chews

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Beef Liver is a highly nutritious protein for dogs.   

Our beef liver is rich in Vitamin D and mineral. It is 10 calories a piece. We have a pretty big piece. Our treats are nutrition dense. It only has 6% moisture maximum. If you put the piece into water and wait for a while, the product would be rehydrated to a piece of fresh beef liver.  One piece of our treat is worth of 3 or 4 pieces of fresh beef liver with the same size.

Beef Liver provides both nutrition, food topper, and a healthy treats for dogs.

Our freeze dried the beef liver can also be crumbled/powdered to be used as a food topper to for your pups meal adding a great deal of nutrients to every feeding.     

Chemical Free!   

NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS:  Liver is a perfect addition to your dog's diet. Beef liver is rich in low-fat proteins, unlike beef muscle meat cuts. Beef liver also contains vital nutrients, healthy fats, iron, vitamin A, copper, zinc, phosphorus, essential fatty acids, and different B vitamins.

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